Tone tracer

TEM0003 Tone tracer & probe kit

701K Tone and Probe Kit

When it comes to wire identification, there's no better tool to have then the Model 701K.

This popular kit is used by technicians everywhere. The 701K is used to identify single conductors or cables within a bundle, at a cross-connect point or at remote ends. The kit consists of the 77HP High Power Tone Generator, the 200EP Inductive Amplifier and the rugged 700C woven polyester carrying case. All kit components are available individually.

701K Includes:
77HP High Power Tone Generator
200 EP Inductive Amplifier
Rugged, woven polyester 700C Dual Carrying Case

* 77HP
o Polarity testing
o Continuity testing
o Weather resistant
o Talk battery supply
o Selectable warble tone
o 24 in. test leads (clips)
o Line 1 modular test lead (Rj11)
o 3 color LED identifies AC ring voltage
* 200EP
o Powerful two inch speaker included
o Battery-operated (9V not included)
o LED for visual signal strength indication
o Volume control for more precise identification
o On/Off button which helps conserve battery life
o Powerful receiver gain permits accurate identification
o Great for congested cable bundles and equipment rooms
o Recessed tabs for buttset or headset connection included

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