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NETcat Pro NC-500 Structured Wiring Troubleshooter is a digital tester for fast, accurate checking of cables, wiring and network service. Using a back-lit...

Category: Cable Testers

Cat 3/5e/6/6a, Coax, and Telephone Cable The unit combines the functions of a high-end cable tester and length measurement tester, with the capability...

Category: Cable Testers

Cable Expert (Model No.: CE-1000) NanoTronix Cable Expert (Model No.: CE-1000) is the all-in-one and easy-to-use network qualification unit measuring logical...

Category: Cable Testers

Identify and Find the Distance to an Open or Short in Seconds Measure Cable Length in a Box, on a Spool or in a Wall Transmit Tone Signals for Tracing...

Category: Cable Testers

- Detects opens, shorts, miswires and split pairs on the twisted pair cabling. - Measures length. - Low battery detector. - Auto backlit. - Auto power...

Category: Cable Testers

- LCD display. - Test pin configuration for 10/100 base-T cable, 10 base-2 cable, RJ45/RJ11 modular cables, AT and T 258 A cable, EIA/TIA 568A/568B cables...

Category: Cable Testers

Tests : UTP. FTP. Coax cables, two, three, or four wire pairs in twisted pair cables and test all category UTP cables and hardware. Verify end-to-end...

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