Standard cable tester (RJ-45,RJ-11,RJ-12)

Standard cable tester(RJ-45,RJ-11,RJ12)


This LAN tester for different cable types is indispensable in network installation and maintenance.
This compact device can be used for testing network (RJ-45), telephone ( RJ-11, RJ12) and most other cable types.

  • advanced design for easy testing
  • ability to test cables from a distance and in places that are not easily accessible
  • automatically runs all tests and checks for continuity, open, shorted and crossed wire pairs
  • switch can automatic shut when open 2-3 minute
  • tests: RJ-45, 10 base-T, Token Ring, RJ11/12 cable
  • power supply supply 9v-battery (not including).
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