SUPER MICROSCOPE(With Auto-Focus, Length/Area measurements,Compare,Skype Ready,HDMI)

Here contains a list of Quality Super Microscopes. Super Microscopes are also known as Inspection Microscopes.

Important features like Auto Focus, Size measurements..etc are part of the functions. Some of them are Wireless to better assist you in team cooperation.

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Category: Microscope

Product Description   Direct Measurement *Direct specimens size measurement with included Windows software Max:1 Microns. Line: Length Square/Rectangle:...

Category: Microscope

Direct Measurement *Direct specimens size measurement with included Windows software Max:0.8 Microns. Line: Length Square/Rectangle: Perimeter,Area Circle:...

Category: Microscope

The FlyInspector is a PC-independant system for the optical inspection and consists of a high-resolution CCD auto focus camera mounted on a self-balancing...

Category: Microscope

The BasicInspector is the most basic and cost-efficent variant of our inspection systems without any loss of image quality or resolution. The system uses...

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