High Voltage Testers

The KKInstruments high voltage testing equipment range has been specially designed for the safe and practical detection of voltages on electrical systems in the power generation and distribution, rail network, petrochemical and electrical service and maintenance industries.

The high voltage test range is designed for use on power system voltages of up to 33kV, and includes ergonomically designed portable neon and digital voltage indicators, capacitive voltage indicators, circuit phasing equipment, insulator leakage detectors and current clamps.

This highly specialist range of HV test equipment is in widespread use with test engineers and electrical power technicians worldwide, and has a longstanding reputation for reliability, accuracy and robust construction.

Importantly, with safety such a crucial factor, all Seaward high voltage testing equipment is fully compliant with international standards and is manufactured in compliance with IEC 61243.

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Highly refined insulating oils guarantee the successful operation of transformers, medical and...
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 a neon HV potential indicator suitable for use on earthed neutral systems up to 11kV.

Category: Proving units

Proving unit for use with high voltage indicators with a domed contact electrode High voltage output 1500V DC nominal Neon indicator to show output is active Very portable

Seba KMT EST 35 High Voltage discharge probe with built-in resistor ensures controlled and reduced discharge of live cables up to 35 kV. The pole is 50 cm long and weighs only 0.95 kg. Resistor is 10kohm and maximum capacitance is 6 uF. Avoid damage to the cables as a result of direct ground / short circuit. Safe discharging of visual grounding. PS: These rods are available in several sizes with voltages up to 150 kV. Please contact us for more information.

100mm jaw opening Continuous readout or store options 2000A Range The lightweight Type L Plus large jaw current clamp meter is designed for the measurement of current in large diameter conductors and fuses.  Its 100mm jaw opening allows for use in most difficult situations, and is suitable for porcelain fuse carriers in distribution systems. High levels of insulation are incorporated for maximum safety and protection, together with the facility to provide complete linearity of measurement between 0 and 2000A featuring 3.5” LCD, and controlled using two main operating buttons. A TRACK facility provides a continuous readout and STORE facility monitors peak levels - ideally suited for monitoring maximum demand in electrical distribution networks.

Category: Oil testing

BAUR DPA 75C Oil Test Kit BAUR DPA 75C Oil Test Kit is a portable, re-chargeable oil dielectric test kit which can be used on silicone oils and ester fluids. The BAUR DPA 75C Oil Test Kit is especially suitable for mobile usage. The BAUR DPA 75 C is easy to use and provides clear and reliable measurement results every time. BAUR DPA 75C Oil Test Kit Features Mains or battery operated with internal, rechargeable battery Battery runtime of up to one working day. Can be used on silicone oils and ester fluids Automatic self-test feature Fully automatic measuring sequences from 18 pre-programmed test standards* and 10 user-programmable test sequences Integrated printer User interface in 13 languages Built-in sensor for temperature measurement of the insulating fluid liquid Power supply – 85 to 264V (47Hz to 63Hz) BAUR DPA 75C Oil Test Kit Contents Oil tester DPA 75 C incl. Printer and battery Test vessel (1 / on request) Magnetic oil stirrer Lifting stick for magnetic stirrer Setting gauge Mains connection cable User manual Shoulder strap BAUR DPA 75C Oil Test Kit Optional Accessories PC interface and BAUR Oil...

*● Measures both AC and DC voltages with digital multitester. *● Are typically used to measure high voltages in TV sets, power *   supplies and instruments in laboratories. *● Lightweight and rugged. *● 2 available contact tips: round needle tip for normal use and a    special flat spring-type for CRT anode.

The KD1E/19 is a neon HV potential indicator suitable for use on earthed neutral systems up to 19kV. A highly robust portable AC/DC voltage indicator, this potential indicator provides a means of confirming the presence of voltage on earthed neutral electrical circuits. Conforming in design lengths to recommended creepage and safety standards, the KDIE series features high grade PVC tubing and incorporates totally encapsulated resistor chains. For additional safety a proving unit (PH3) is available and should be used before and after the high voltage indicator is employed

H.V. Proximity Detector 8 voltage settings : 240Vac, 2kV, 3.3kV, 6kV, 11kV, 22kV, 33kV, 66kV, 132kV and 275kV.